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Embroidery Deduper
Customer Testimonials

So sorry to have bothered you You are so greatly Appreciated Thank You Thank You for taking the time to answer so Promptly I enjoy my Deduper so much tell all my friends about it and some have even gotten it and are so excited about the time they are saving and able to do more sewing I Love Love my Deduper thanks for bringing it back to me Stay Blessed and again a resounding Thank You


Just want to tell you the program works hard and fast!! Tonight it processed over 50k files and unzipped thousands that I hadn't gotten around to opening, Unzipping those files and identifying all the unwanted formats was worth the modest price alone. By the way I haven't even started on all the flash drives. I don't think it would have been possible to undertake organizing my files without your program. It's a real winner, but you knew that!!

Thanks for coming up with such a great program.


Thank you for your prompt reply.

You are the best Company to deal with and as I've told you before I absolutely love this Program. It's happily running in the background :)

Have a great week!


Hi Clay,

I can't thank you enough for your speedy attention to my request. I'm all reloaded and feel whole again now that my deduper is back on my desktop where it belongs lol. This software is the greatest invention since toilet tissue and I recommend it for every serious embroidering person out there.

Thanks again,


Oh, my - it's awesome!!!!! I love my Embroidery Deduper and they give you GREAT customer service if you have a problem (like when I got my Windows 7 computer - now it works great because Clay told me what to do :).

I'm not affiliated with them, but it is really a good program!

The program is a great bargain and I use it almost weekly. And the very few issues I've had (mostly caused by Windows Vista and changing to Windows 7 after that), Clay got back to me promptly and was VERY helpful - unlike what one finds too often. I'm a very happy deduper!!!! You are welcome to post any of my comments to that end! (And as I said - I use it on files I download for digital scrapbooking, too, that are usually zipped - both png and svg files which are also used for cutting machines for scrapbooking - and would encourage you to mention that in the tags for it, because scrapbooking and paper crafting is a HUGE market!).



I just cannot imagine life without my Embroidery Deduper!!! It is wonderful and such a gift from the Lord.

Thank you so much for your time.


Hi Clay, Thanks for the directions! And I'm thrilled the deduper can help me with my clipart too...the program is fabulous and well worth the money (even if it only did embroidery files!)

Thanks again,

I would like to say that since I purchased this ever how long ago, your company has the best I have ever worked with as far as solving problems (operator not program) or simply helping with how to use the program.


I purchased the deduper and it works great. Best software I ever used. When I had a problem they were very fast and extremely helpful.


I have taken the DeDuper for a test ride and it works beautifully, in fact it is amazing. I only wish I had gotten it sooner.

Thanks again.


Clay, you are a genius!! Wow! Deduped all my files (and I didn't realize how many i had) in no time. This makes it so easy to clean up files that I'm downloading more than I need but can't resist.

I bought the program at your demo at my local sewing dealer.


I generally don't rave about programs, but this one is out of this world! My computer is older and the number of embroidery files I have was clogging everything. Now that all the dups are gone, I can get the whole folder backed up on a 2 gig flashdrive. I used to try to go through every file and remove those that I did not need, but what a job, and I never did get very far, until the Deduper (love the name).

Again, thank you so much.


I installed the new version right over the top of the old one just like you instructed. Everything is working WONDERFUL once again. I'm such a happy girl! Thank you so very much for helping me to get this back up and running again. I've really become quite spoiled by using it for the past several months. I opened up and unzipped a few files the "old" way and discovered in a real quick hurry that I didn't ever wanna go back to that way again or do anymore of Someone on one of the groups was asking if any of us had heard of Embroidery DeDuper, if we had it and what we thought about it. My comment was this....Yes, Yes and THE best money I've ever spent on anything concerning embroidery!!!!!!



I just purchased the Deduper and that is one amazing program. Thank you so much.

I am sure you hear this all the time, but I am totally in love with this program and thank you. I have been digitizing and teaching embroidery software for 10+ years and this really fills a need. With my on the road computer versus my desktop computer, this little deduper program has "cleaned up my act"! Even my website files have been cleaned up with it so again, thank you and I will see you at the AEC 2008 in person! Hugs, Cookie
Cookie Gaynor, certified educator


I love DeDuper. It is worth it's weight in gold. It saved me months of work unzipping files and removing the duplicates.(Yes, I had alot of files piled up) Now I just download everything I want then run DeDuper. It will unzip everything and remove the formats I don't need. You won't be sorry you purchased this program.

Clay, I have installed and activated my deduper. Your instructions were excellent. Thank you so very much for your help. It is a wonderful program and I recommend it to everyone.

Hi Clay,
Just thought I'd let you know I've downloaded the Deduper and given it a whirl, WOW! It's fantastic, so much more time for sewing now, and more room for more designs!
Thanks for your patience when I had none.
Best regards

Just purchased and ran the de-duper and WOW! what a great program. It ran at lightening speed and totally cleaned up my embroidery files! Love it!! I went from a folder that contained 17,823 files to 17,042 files in about ten seconds! I am always leary of programs purchased on the internet but this one is awesome!! Thank you so much!
Linda Durant

hi there, i have been thoroughly deduped by this marvellous little program i inherited two lots of embroidery files from two close friends who have passed away and as you can imagine i had plenty of duplicates!!! Well deduper is still working hard after four days of having the program and saved me hours and hours of work!!!!!!!! best buy i have made in a very long time thank you
Min in South Africa

purchased your program this morning. got e-mail to download in less than 2 minutes. did download and set up of program. ran program it did in about 1 minutes what I have been working on for over a month. what a WONDERFUL program it is. Why now I look forward to organizing in DG all the great designs I have and being able to find them. I recomend this deduper to everyone. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

What fantastic software!!!! It has probably saved me months of work. I was unzipping files several at a time, and then deleting the unwanted versions (.hus, .jef, etc.) one at a time. This software clearly is a timesaver. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

Thanks so much for the update, just love your program. Cleaned out all my designs, now working on downloaded ones that need to be sorted. Amt sure it will go much faster. Thanks for the update to not delete empty folders.

Thank you! I love the program!

Thank you for all the help you have given me. Everything is working now. The program was definitely needed. I wish you much success.

Thanks for the information. It worked great. I had already dowloaded the full version, but just did not know what to do about the activation key. I should have advised you first the version number I had. Thanks, again, for your prompt reply. I really like the program.

Just a quick note to THANK YOU!!! for this amazing software! I have been collecting embroidery designs for many,many years and I knew there were duplicates in my files but OMG I was astonished to find out just how many I actually had! This little miracle is something no machine embroidery enthusiast should be without!... the best money I have spent in quite some time! I am sooo impressed with the deduper and I know others will be too!
Regards Ruth Coules

Ok now it makes more sense thanks for taking the time to explain, I think it is doing it correctly I just couldn't understand why it was giving me different results ...BTW I love the program !

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I need to save both pes and art because sometimes the art is in version 4, which I can't open and sometimes the pes version has better colors already programmed. This is perfect!

Thank you so much this is great customer service! Yes I did receive it and was just getting ready to download it when I had 3 custom digitizing orders come in. All from very good repeat customers so I decided I needed to take care of them before I started playing with my jumble of designs. I'll download the software as soon as I get done digitizing. I can't tell you how much this impressed me tho. Shows you really care about your customers.

Hi, I have got my Deduper program up and running. I just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely thrilled with it and it is very easy to understand. I have cleaned up my files, you would be surprised at how many duplicates you have in your files. Thanks very much for such a great program.

Oh My Gosh!! This is really great!!! I LOVE IT!! So disregard my note!! As soon as my other daughter gets her computer running I will order her this program!! I have bought all kind of embroidery programs and this is the BEST!!!! I have never been so happy with a product as i am this one! Also if anyone wants to write I do not care I will tell only the truth!! It is Great!! Do I get a discount for all these I am buying? LOL!! Only kidding!!
Kay Liggett

Dear Clay:
I have been watching on my DSE chat group all the info about your new program. It sounds like a wonderful accessory to have when you want to create files for embroidering.

The reason I am e-mailing you is to commend you for listening to and actually trying to re-design your program to be exactly what we, as consumers, are looking for. That doesn't happen very often in this very commercial world we live in.

I will be purchasing your program soon and am looking forward to the revisions you are talking about.

Thank you again for your consideration and concern for the embroidery world.

Love it! It is worth the money , especially whem you have lots of files.

I love my De Duper, I Duped a download folder with heaps of designs in it, I love the way it puts the zipped files into its own folder with jpegs and any info that comes with the design, that way, its so easy just to add it as a sub folder to my design folder, and in BuzzXplore all I did was use the catalogue mode and put a check in the RED box and you can scroll down and see all the designs in the Duped folder, I don't know why the women recon they can only see 1 design at a time in Buzz.

Thanks so much for creating such a useful program.

Thank you so much for the upgrade. I can't see why people would want the Duper to re zip files it'd be just as easy to back up their original folder.

I love your program, it's made my life so much easier, I've got a desktop full of folders that need Duping and sorting.

I don't mind if people email me about the De Duper, If I can be of help that's fine.

Kind Regards,


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