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John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


Here are some projects I've worked on in 2008, but certainly not all of them!

Most of the projects require only moderate skills and experience. Whatever your abilities and interests, there are plenty of project ideas to get you started and keep you busy.

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Snowman Soup

I made these "Snowman Soup" Christmas gifts for my Red Hat Sisters.  It's basically a recipe for hot chocolate, with a Christmas theme.  They loved it!

PJs for the Family

I made these PJs for as Christmas presents.  The shirts are from Walmart and the pattern is an oldie from "Stretch and Sew".   Embroidery Designs are from Nobbie Neez Kids.


Making Bean Bags

My granddaughter made a bunch of bean bags for the nursery at her church.  It's so nice that she's interested in sewing and I'm sure the kids loved them!

Christmas Sweatshirt Gifts

I gave these cute sweatshirts as Christmas gifts to my granddaughters.   Designs are from Nobbie Neez Kids.

Fancy Aprons

I brought these cute aprons down to Florida for my granddaughters last summer.  Had to get one of them to model it for me!  LOL.  Designs are from Nobbie Neez Kids.


Special Order Bib

Isn't that the truth!

Kitty Apron for Lauren

I made this cute apron from my granddaughter, Lauren. Designs are from Nobbie Neez Kids


November Birthday Swap

Here are the November Birthday swap items from Embroidery Swaps . The towel designs are from Julia's Needle, the FSL Ornaments from Zippy Designs, and the Kleenex holder from Moose B Stitchin.

Frog Towels

I made these towels as a gift for my best friend's grandson.   Designs are from Anita Goodesign


Cutwork Denim Shirt

I thought I'd try putting cutwork on a denim shirt and it turned out great!  The designs are from Hatched in Africa.


More Gifts for Lauren

Here are a few more things I made for Lauren.  The design on "My Bag" is one of the original designs from Gran's Workroom. If you're interested, it's from the Gaylon's Gang collection and can be purchased at our store. The Book of Colors is from Molly Mine.  The Dress Me Kitty and baby patterns are from Sewing For Sarah .  The Dress Me Kitty design is also shown elswhere on this projects page.


Halloween Gifts for Lauren

I made these Halloween gifts last year for my granddaughter, Lauren.  The Halloween Bear design is from Artistic Threadworks.  The bottle carrier is from
Gina at Splinters and Threads.  The pillowcase designs are from Snowlady Designs.  


Kitchen Scape

This Fall kitchen scape turned out beautiful.  I used variegated thread for on the wheat design.  Although it's a relatively simple stitch pattern, it looks devine!


Dress Me Kitty

I made this for one of little Lauren's Christmas presents.  Design set by Sewing For Sarah .


Table Runner

Here is a beautiful table runner I made for Spring.  Designs by Ace Points.


Various Towels

Here are a few towels I've made throughout the year.  Design for the first towel is from Anita Goodesign.  Design for the second towel is from Julia's Needle.  Design for the third towel is from Jenny Haskins (Shadowwork).


Throw for Taylor

I made this throw for my granddaughter, Taylor.


FSL Ornaments Swap

Here are some FSL Ornaments I made for an Embroodles swap.

Bookmarks for Swaps

I participate in a number of sewing swaps.  I made these for some bookmark swaps at Embroidery Swaps.


Baby Cloth and Towels

How sweet!  Here are some things I made for a new baby.   Designs are from Hatched in Africa.

This Kitchen is Closed!

If you've had your fill of cooking for everyone, this dish towel is for you!  Design is from Zippy Designs.

Time Out for Fun!

The summer of 2008 was a stressful time period. We decided it would be a good idea to take some time out for a little stress-relieving fun.  The family raced around the track in these fast go-carts on Panama City Beach, Florida.


Small Animal Pillows

My granddaughters made these cute small animal pillows during our visit to Florida last summer. My daughter had downloaded the pattern from the internet.


Outdoor Furniture Slipcovers

It can get quite dusty and windy in Arizona.  I made these slipcovers for the outdoor furniture on our back patio.  Material is from Gina at Splinters and Threads

Travel Sewing Kit

This is a nifty sewing kit I can take with me when I travel.  I just picked up the pattern at a quilt store.


BooBoo Bears

Aren't these cute??? These little bears can be given to a little one to help ease Boo Boo discomfort.  Design is from Zippy Designs.

Boy's Bib

Here's a bib I made for a new baby boy using one of the original designs from Gran's Workroom. If you're interested, our designs can be purchased at our store.

Fancy Placemats

Here are some fancy placemats I made using some of Clay's original designs. If you're interested, it's the Ornate collection, which can be purchased at our store.


Cosmetic Bags

Here are some nifty cosmetic bags. The top one is from Moose B Stitchin and the bottom one is from Pegboard Crafts.


Gifts for Jacklyn

I made some gifts for my beautiful new granddaughter, Jacklyn. She's so sweet!



New Bib Requests

These are some of the latest Adult Bib requests. If you're interested, adult bibs can be purchased at our store.



Bib for Jake

This is a bib I made for Clay's Uncle, Jerry. His nickname is Jake. I made a little extension to help it fit around his neck a bit better. The design is from the Great Outdoors at Embroidables.


Towels for the Grandkids

Personalized towels for the grandkids.


Too Cute Beach Bag

Note the ribbon bows! Designs by Nobbie Neez Kids.


Hostess Gift for Ruth

Ruth has the best sense of humor, as noted by these towels.  The sign of a good friend.  Designs by Dakota Collectibles.

Another hostess gift for Lynda. Design by Julia's Needle.

Dish towel by All About Blanks.

Easter Bunny Gifts

These are the Easter Bunnies I made for my Grandchildren this year.  The design comes from Moose B Stitchin

Easter Towels

These Easter Towels turned out so beautiful!  The towels came from Susan Mars at All About Blanks and the designs came from Julia's Needle.

AEC 2008 Swap Gift

Sadia digitized this beautiful design for the American Embroidery Conference.  The swap was so much fun...  Don't know who won my bag.

AEC 2008 Shovel Giveaway

Wasn't Clay clever to think of this giveaway?  This was for all the attendees of the AEC 2008 Conference.

Valentine Towel Swap

These were the towels for my February Valentine's Day swap. The designs came from Kitty Kitty, Got-A-Stitch and ArtisticThreadWorks.

Walker Bags

Customized walker bags, designs by Elsa.
  If you're interested, walker bags can be purchased at our store.


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