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Embroidery Deduper Release Notes

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B - Bug Fix
I - Improvement
N - New Feature

Version 3.15 - Released 09/19/2015

I - Reduced possibility of receiving "Program Not Responding" messages while deleting large amounts of duplicates in the Duplicates Summary Window.
I - Improved registration window by removing license key segment fields and allowing user to simply copy / paste the license key into the field.
I - Improved activation and settings stability by removing reliance on the Windows Registry. Configuration is now based on local files.
I - Added preferred-format processing support for the ART60 and ART50 formats.
I - Changed default locations of Log, Archive, Duplicate, and Quarantine folders to be sub-folders of the "My Documents" folder, enabling easier accessibility to them. The Embroidery Deduper will now create a "My Embroidery Deduper" sub-folder under the "My Documents" folder, which will store Deduper settings. This folder is required for proper operation of the software. If existing folders locations are under a "system" folder, they will also be changed to the new location.
N - Enhanced "Duplicate File Handling" mode by adding a new option to check for duplicates of non-embroidery files when no embroidery files exist in the same folder. This enables more thorough duplicate detection, as it will check for duplicates of color charts, PDFs, photos, etc., when the folder is otherwise empty. In some cases, the extra files can't be deduped in the first scan. They will be found in subsequent scans of the folder, however.
N - Added support for PDF report format, in addition to the existing HTML format. This will enable easier viewing of reports for some customers.

Version 3.10 - Released 07/31/2011

B - Corrected issue with "Program Stopped" message some customers received when exiting program using File -> Exit on Windows 7
I - Increased frequency of processing Windows queued messages while searching for duplicates within large folders.
I - Added support for composite license keys for add-ons, enabling easier license key management for future customers

Version 3.05 - Released 09/08/2010

B - Corrected problem when loading resource for alternative scanning order in "Exact Files Only" program mode and D-Lite product

Version 3.00 - Released 08/29/2010

N - Added ability to support Deduper Add-Ons, including the new Folder Consolidation Add-On
N - Added ability to change the scan order of folders when more than one is selected and user is detecting duplicates across the chosen folders
I - Checks if user is deduping system folders and will give warning if they are
I - Ensures that user is deduping folders that are mounted on drive letters and will skip the folders if they aren't
I - Will skip deduping of Deduper related folders
I - Performance improvement when deduping folders when detecting duplicates of non-embroidery files
I - Revamped Preferences Window to use left-pane preference categories, allowing more room for preferences and Add-Ons

Version 2.90 - Released 07/20/2009

N - Added feature to allow user to select the program mode of "Embroidery Files" of "Exact Duplicates Only". The "Exact Duplicates Only" mode features a simplified interface for detecting duplicates of regular files.

Version 2.80 - Released 03/31/2009

I - Added removal of pseudo-empty folders, if they only contain the "thumbs.db" file

I - Improved activation interface to auto-correct certain typos when entering license key (Oh's and el's)

I - Updated interface and program help to use the term "Folder" instead of "Directory"

N - Added feature to automatically check for updates with reminder functionality

N - Added ability to preserve source folder paths when files are moved to the Quarantine, Archive, and Duplicate folders (new default behavior, but can be disabled to revert back to behavior of prior versions)

B - Corrected issue with mis-identification of the file type with files that contain extensions in the base of the filename.

B - Corrected issue with Retain Additional Types determination when performing "Probable Duplicate" processing.

B - Corrected issue where Duplicate Summary window was unneccessarily being displayed when performing "Probable Duplicate" processing, if the option was chosen to move duplicates to the Duplicates Folder.

Version 2.75 - Released 03/25/2008

B - Corrected issue of not detecting exact duplicates of non-embroidery files in certain circumstances

Version 2.70 - Released 02/17/2008

N - Enhanced preferred-format processing to detect probable duplicates in special case scenarios (turned on by default, with option to disable)

N - Added option to detect duplicates across the selected folders, when more than one folder is selected and the Dedup Level is set to 1 (useful for merging folders)

I - Added support for self-extracting zip files

I - Added preferred-format processing support for the PSW, EMD, 10O, and JEF+ formats

I - Improved identification of same-computer re-installations

I - Improved registration interface

Version 2.60 - Released 07/15/2007

N - Added option to save Archive (Zip / Rar) files to a separate folder upon successful extraction, instead of just deleting them (turned off by default)

I - Added detection of encrypted and password protected Zip and Rar files (reported to user at the end of the dedup job)

N - Added ability to display the "Challenge Key" directly from the registration screen, to facilitate manual activation

I - Enhanced Preferences panels with descriptions for File Type Priority and Dedup Level Settings

I - Added ability to open logs, etc. folders directly from the "Directory Preferences" panel

B - Corrected "Backup Warning" window issue when closing a particular way

B - Adjusted some Summary Windows to display properly when resized

I - Added progress indicator when deleting duplicates in the Duplicates Summary window

Version 2.50 - Released 02/04/2007

N - Added support to save more than one format, if the format is available

I - Added tabbed interface to Preferences panel, to further categorize options

I - Adjusted initial window sizes to accomodate 800 x 600 screen resolutions

B - Corrected Windows 98 and Windows Me compatibility issues with Help and Logging functions

I - Added preferred-format processing support for the SHV format

N - Added option to skip processing altogether of zip and RAR archive files

N - Added option to turn off the removal of empty folders (turned on by default)

I - Added pop-up message to remind users of backing up their files prior to Deduping (can elect to turn message off)

I - Minor improvements to product registration and activation interfaces

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